With reality television shows such as The Biggest Loser, Celebrity Fit Club and Fit to Fat there was an explosion in the realm of fitness and personal training. Host of people want to get in shape and/or become personal trainers. A lifestyle and career we take serious at B.L Fitness.

What is the true definition and spirit of a personal trainer?

A personal trainer is a fitness professional whom possesses the knowledge, training and skills to design effective exercise and nutritional programs that assist people to reach their fitness and health goals. We cannot interpret the spirit of other personal trainers but at B.L. Fitness we are passionate with a purpose and care deeply about our clients health, mindset and goals.

At B.L. Fitness we motivate with positive reinforcement and listen intently to your concerns and goals.

Not everyone needs, wants or are interested in 1-On-1 Personal Training. Motivation, time or income may be a hindrance that can be overcame through group fitness classes.

Benefits of a Group Fitness Class

Motivation – “It’s incredible what likeminded, positive people can do for each other and the world.” ~ No Author

With an encouraging trainer/coach/instructor and supportive positive/motivated/uplifting support of your peers group fitness is the way to stay motivated, uplifted and reach your goals. You get it all in a B.L. Fitness Group Fitness.

Accountability – Within a group there is more accountability. You become a team and you can shrug off a solo workout with excuses and lack of motivation but feel more responsible if you know the “team” expect you to show up and try your best.

Diversity – Diverse team members and diverse workouts make up the core of group fitness. Throw the same ‘ole workout plan out the window and also the same ‘ole workout buddies.  Variety, new personalities and expanding your circle of friends/associates equals fun.


What is Yoga?

Yoga is derived from the word the Sanskrit word yuj that means “yoke” or “bind”. The true purpose of Yoga is to unfold the infinite potentials of the human mind and soul; the union of the individual consciousness or soul with the Universal Consciousness or Spirit.

Why Yoga?

We want everyone to understand and obtain the benefits of Yoga. To some, yes, Yoga is a spiritual way of life but not to all. There are benefits in the movements and mediations that will not hinder your spiritual or religious beliefs. Yoga is more of a benefit to your spiritual or religious beliefs then a hindrance. Yoga stills the natural conflict and confusion of everyday life, thought processes and body restlessness, which prevents us from staying in touch with our spiritual selves.


BECAUSE YOGA GETS YOU FIT! According to the American Osteopathic Association Yoga:

  1. Increased flexibility
  2. Increased muscle strength and tone
  3. Improved respiration, energy and vitality
  4. Maintaining a balanced metabolism
  5. Weight reduction
  6. Cardio and circulatory health
  7. Improved athletic performance
  8. Protection from injury

Who cannot live with those benefits? Our Yoga classes are beginner classes at this moment. If interested please contact for times and dates to sign up. Any other questions or inquires are welcome too.